Finisterre launches swimwear range.

It has been very quiet on here the last couple of months. But this has a reason, I am busy busy writing a business plan for a surf business targeting ladies in the UK and Europe. Exactly what it will be I can’t tell you yet, but I am hoping to launch it in September. I am extremely excited about it and I am sure you will be too, so watch this space ladies!!

Now back to the point, Finisterre has launched a swimwear range.
And it’s looking good! Practical designs and the Finisterre quality seems like a match made in heaven. If that wasn’t enough the fabric used is eco-friendly too!!

This is what Finisterre says about their fabric;
“The premium Italian Carvico fabric we’ve used ticks both boxes. Containing 78% ECONYL®, which is made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyamide, it is two times more resistant to chlorine and suntan products than traditional swimwear fabrics and provides excellent UV protection. The blend also contains XTRA LIFE LYCRA® which gives superior shape and colour retention in salt water.
You can see why when we found this fabric we had to use it – high-tech performance with an incredible look and feel, and a great eco story too. ”

Have a look at their first products;

Finisterre Beach shorts Finisterre bikini 2 Finisterre Calima top 2 Finisterre Calima top

And hopefully I can get you some more news about the up and coming business soon!

Ladies swim and surf wear survey

I know it has been pretty quiet on here lately..
Mainly because I have been working on a couple of other projects.
For one of these I am doing a little research into my fellow lady surfers and their swim and surfwear. What do you love? What do you buy? Are you a real swimwear addict?I made a little survey, it really is little, only 10 questions. So I would greatly appreciate if you ladies could help me out and complete this very little questionaire!
Thanks a lot, I am sending lovely glassy waves to all of you!

Here’s the link to the survey;


‘Away’ bursts all the stereotypes of surfing into pieces. Three women from NYC talk about their love for surfing… Three very different women than those in surfing magazines or ads. But their passion is just as profound. It is crazy how these girls that are representing surfing for the big brands in ads and magazines are hardly seen when you go for a surf session outside of the Worldtour or QS! It’s time to change! Get rid of these stereotypes!! Great short film for all the ladies, and certainly for the men out there too!

Women’s winter wetsuits 2015

If we want it or not.. Winter is slowly creeping closer.
Waking up to darkness and sundowner sessions at 8. (Which will soon be 4!)
The water is still warm enough after a hot summer, but that too will soon change. So if you want to stay in the water, better be prepared to get into a thicker wetsuit. But it’s not all that bad, because as the water gets colder the line up will shrink and the average level in the water will go up slightly. There will be more empty waves for grabs to those who can defeat the cold.
Every season designers try their hardest to make it less of a conquest for us surfers. The wetsuits get warmer, more stretchy and ridiculously comfortable. If you are in need for a new winter wetsuit, than take a look underneath where you can find a selection of the new women’s 5/4 and 5/3 wetsuits for upcoming winter. Enjoy the empty waves!!

For more wetsuits, check out my Pinterest page “Surfing Essentials”;

Price range; $$

O’ Neill Superfreak Fuze 5/4

Great value for money suit, that also comes in a hooded version.
FUZE stand for front upper zip entry. Front zip makes the suit more flexible on the back and the ultra minimal seam design adds extra warmth too.
Glued and blindstitched seam construction. (GBS)

Billabong Synergy 5/4

Billabong’s mid range Synergy wetsuit comes with Furnace thermal lining made from hollow yarn jersey which adds warmth to the suit.
Watertight thanks to the welded internal seams. Strategic paddle panels and pre bent knee pads and back of the knee makes the suit more flexible and comfortable. It is available in front zip and back zip.

Rip Curl Dawn Patrol 5/3

The Dawn Patrol has Rip Curl’s newest E4 neoprene, which is 20% lighter than the previous E3 neoprene. Glued and blind stitched seams. Flash lining in back for extra warmth, quick drying, flexibility and that means more comfort! Stretchy!

Price range; $$$

Billabong Salty Dayz 5/4

The newest addition to the surf capsule range has glued and blindstitched seams. Airlite superflex G3 neoprene, furnace thermal lining and super tough knee pads. Style and cutting edge wetsuit technology combined in one suit.. Awesome!

O’ Neill Psycho 3 5/3

O’neill’s top end suit is made from the Technobutter neoprene, which is lightweight and quick drying (comes in very handy in winter!!) It has a Air-Firewall in the front and back and double welded seam, which will keep you hot hot hot.

Rip Curl Flash Bomb 5/3

Rip Curl most famous wetsuit, the Flash Bomb. This high end wetsuit is known to be one of the fastest drying suits. It has the E4 neoprene, flash lining and taped seams. The 4 ways back stretch allows maximum stretch which makes the suit extra comfortable. This is the suit for those who brave the cold every day, and even better a few sessions a day, without having to worry about getting into a cold wet suit.

Cetus, Biarritz

Another great wetsuit brand popping up in Pays Basques.
Cetus latin translation for the Whale Constellation links to the whaler history of Biarritz in the Southwest of France. Every surfer in Europe, or those travelling through Europe, has been there or at least knows about the beautiful city on the cliffs, with warm blue waves rolling into the beaches and coves.


“Cetus Biarritz is a sporting line for men and women, arisen from the desire to get dressed at sea. A range of wetsuit and swimwear, technique qualitative and trendy .”, states the Cetus website.


The designers chose to solely work with Yamamoto Limestone neoprene, it’s high end quality, very stretchy (an expansion ratio of up to 7 times higher than conventional neoprene). Add extra warmth and the most environmental-friendly neoprene to date. As other neoprene is manufactured with dirty petrochemicals, which is against most surfers love for the ocean.
But it comes with a price tag, which I am sure is also against a lot of surfers’ bank accounts.
Here are some girls suits, but they also have a guys section, which you can find on their website.




Muther Of All Things

Muther Of All Things is an Australian brand based in Byron Bay off all places.
The designers desire for original wet fashion without the loss of functionality lead to some lovely collections. They strive for women’s uniqueness, confidence, saying yes and surfing no matter how bad you are.
I don’t know about you, but it sounds great to me and looks even better!







Reef’s De Passage

Today’s the online premiere of Reef’s new short surf film.
Shot mainly in French Polynesia and passing through Africa, Australia and Indonesia.
Not sure if it has to do with the fact that my old home and favourite island in the world
features in the film but I must say this is one of the better surf movies I’ve seen so far.
The phantom shots by Chris Bryan and the soundtrack are just awesome!!
A must-watch! You will love it!
And I am sure you will feel the urge to pack your bags and jump onto the next plane to one of these places.